We buy and sale all kinds of home, office or Industrial scrap such as old furniture, scrap Refrigerator, scrap Old Air conditioner, scrap Iron, scrap Steel, scrap Alluminum, scrap Computer scrap parts, scrap Monitors, scrap CPU, Printers, scrap UPS, scrap Stabalizers, scrap Motors parts Working or non-working scrap computer or scrap laptops, batteries, scrap server, scrap Fax Machine, scrap electronic components, scrap printed circuit boards, industrial scrap electronics such as scrap sensors, scrap alarms, scrap sirens, security devices etc. We also have intrest in electronics working and nonworking material and all kind metal, ironscrap material. All kinds of cable wiring, wooden, iron scrap m.s. scrap, copper scraps, steel scraps, scrap ferrous non ferrous, scrap building dismantling contractors residential, commercial, demolishing work in short duration.



 Online buying of scrap from individual , institutions , society , commercial space, industry, organizations.

 Custom waste pickup program that meets your needs and helps protect the environment.

 Get Professionals to manage your scrap material.

 Regular Free pick up of scrap/trash.

 Usage of electronic weight machine.

 Transparency in action.

Permanent and temporary use of container bin service for manufacturing/industrial plants
 Scrap metal handling services for manufacturing/industrial use, including warehouse tote boxes, dumping hoppers, and customized bins
 Plant dismantling, demolition and general cleanups
 Evaluation of metal waste
 Separation and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
 Supply of equipment and labour necessary for large clean-ups, structural dismantling and large item removal
 Guaranteed product destruction with proper documentation supplied
 Service contracts based on market fluctuation
 Waste management services
 Public weight scales for purchasing of all types of metals at our location
HERE ARE LAST UPDATE SCRAP RATE LIST for New Contact mail us: scraphaat@gmail.com
1. Newspaper Scrap 9 Rs/Kg
2. White paper Scrap 8 Rs/Kg
3. Books Scrap 7 Rs/Kg
4. Soft plastic Scrap 18 Rs/Kg
5. Hard plastic Scrap 2 Rs/Kg
6. Mix plastic Scrap 5 Rs/Kg
7. Magazines Scrap 7 Rs/Kg
8. Brass Scrap 195 Rs/Kg
9. Water/oil Empty Packets Scrap 15 Rs/Kg
10. Copper Scrap 250 Rs/Kg
11. Mix waste Scrap 5 Rs/Kg
12. Packing box(carton) Scrap 8 Rs/Kg
13. Polythene Scrap 5 Rs/Kg
14. E-waste Scrap 20 Rs/Kg
15. Aluminium Scrap 80 Rs/Kg
16. Bear bottles Scrap 0.50 Rs/peice
17. Record paper Scrap 7 Rs/Kg
18. Fibre Scrap 12 Rs/Kg
19. Steel Scrap 25 Rs/Kg
20. Iron Scrap 12 Rs/Kg
21. Tin Scrap 9 Rs/Kg
22. Milk Empty Packets Scrap 5 Rs/Kg
23. Grey board Scrap 2 Rs/Kg